Friday, 7 June 2013

Getting There. . . . . Slowly

More Photos as we approach painting time.

A fair amount has been done, got the rig in 2 days ago, rigging sized, all measurements taken and sent off to North Sails UK for sail design.

Fin and bulb dry fitted again to check draft etc, top plate about to be manufactured and then we can fill and fair the bulb. Also might have to paint the bulb but not the fin as it's aluminium and the paint will scrape off as the fit is very tight.

Paint colour chosen, this will be made public once it has been painted, loud, very loud, not gonna be missed on the water. Most is painted with high-build and ready for the DA sander to do it's thing.

We only cut about 50 mm off the foil that was 2 m long

Very tight fit, we needed the weight of the hull to get the fin into it's slot and the weight of the bulb to get the fin back out!! I guess a tight fit is good?

Bow sprit fitted for the sake of it, looks sweet!


High-build on most of the surfaces

Rigger sorted out the rigging sizes and then there was something that almost looks like a boat

Put to bed for the day among other boats

Boat like?